Together, we democratize basketball statistics.
Democratice professional basketball statistics,allowing everyone, including you and me, to enjoy advanced basketball analytics at one’s fingertips.
About Us!
Founded by 4 basketball lovers whom are all alumnus in the University from Hong Kong, Scorelab is a company that is passionate about basketball. Our founding teams are from different backgrounds - tech, finance, entrepreneur, legal, but basketball alone unites us.
Our Service
End to End Solution
Our End to End solution (from statistics recording, real time publishing, back end dashboard editing) aims to provide a streamline user experience for basketball players to view their own career / games / teams advanced statistics at the end of the day.
Customize Basketball Enjoyment
We work with different leagues and professional teams to help them to grow and provide a better service. Moreover, we also work in event base to customize the best basketball enjoyment for you.
Together, we democratize basketball statistics.